Why sponsor CPD for pharmacists?
A workforce of highly motivated and well-trained staff can make a huge difference to an organisation’s efficiency, productivity and bottom line. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) with Positive Impact can noticeably enhance the potential of pharmacists, pharmacies, medical aids and pharmaceutical companies alike. 
Why Positive Impact?

– All our CPD courses are fully integrated with the SA Pharmacy Council.
– We have the largest choice of CPD courses in the pharmacy profession.
– We support the employee’s complete development (not just clinical knowledge).
– Our courses are short (only 30 minutes to complete a course).
– We bridge the gap between actual learning and the SAPC recording system.
– The most competitive pricing in the industry.

What’s in it for Employers?
When a business supports CPD, it’s investing in its future, by: 

– Gaining employees’ commitment and loyalty through personal development.
– Providing a framework to manage employees performance & appraisals.
– Strengthening their reputation as a quality employer.
– Identifying and addressing skills gaps to increase business-wide performance.
– Enhanced skills, competence and performance.
– Improved motivation and staff retention.
What’s in it for the Pharmacist?
Pharmacy personnel who participate in quality CPD training can benefit by: 

– Identifying their professional and self development needs.
– Improved self-confidence and a greater level of personal fulfilment.
– Improved quality of care and client/patient service in a highly competitive market.
– Mastering the latest skills, innovations, and technologies.
– Reduced chance of litigation due to increasing claims of negligence.
– Compliance with ethical and legal requirements (e.g. SAPC).
Our Collaborative Partnerships

We work with business to first understand their needs and ambitions. We can thenhelp them to select appropriate courses to meet these needs. It’s an on-goingpartnership, based on the sole aim of enriching their businesses to better compete in anuncertain business climate.

Bespoke Solutions
While our suite of CPD courses is extensive, employers might be after something a little different. Every organisation is different, and sometimes, “off the shelf” courses just aren’t suitable. We can tailor exclusive courses, based on the employer’s exact specifications, to meet their professional development and training needs.
Annual Membership
Benefits of an annual subscription include: 

– An unlimited choice of nearly 100 clinical and non-clinical topics.
– All course material is completely unbiased and evidence based.
– Each course comes with a 5-minute test and certificate of completion.
– Participants study at their own pace from home or work.
– Internet, telephonic and sms support for all our participants.
Value Added Services
Apart from the above benefits, we can offer the following value-added services to maximise sponsor investment in our CPD program: 

– Monthly reports on participant uptake and course engagement (free for bulk membership).
– SAPC log for “reflection”, “planning”, “implementation” and “evaluation” (free).
– Company branded website with exclusive access to participants (free for bulk membership).
– Roadshows to ensure participants understand the training system (additional cost).
“Modern business doesn’t stand still, and neither do forward-thinking companies.”
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