Lourens Kloppers
- Manager Pharmacy Services : Western Cape Department of Health

In a rural health district where most pharmacists stay between 100 and 350km from Cape Town, the attendance of CPD opportunities presents a real challenge. Fortunately our Department’s learning committee reacted positively and approved the Positive Impact online CPD course for all pharmacists in our district. John was instrumental in introducing the course to us and since then for the past three years, we have successfully completed the monthly courses. The pharmacists welcome this opportunity to perform CPD activities online and they reacted with 100% participation over the three year period. One of the attractions of Positive Impact’s course is that it can be designed to cover enough CPD points for one year without having to do additional CPD activities.

Fulvia Rademan
- Retired Pharmacist

I am a Pharmacist 69 years old and graduated in 1973. I have known John for many years, and when I got the first e-mail advertising the CPD courses I immediately e-mailed him to find out about them. I then signed on for the first year and I completed a Diabetic course. The course was so informative and so easy to do as you are able to download the course material and study it at your own pace. The Quiz consists of multiple-choice questions and answers and easy to do and you can continuously refer to the downloaded matter. You then receive a certificate and a form to submit to SAPC. I have been doing the CPD courses for 5 years and have found them to be greatly helpful in all the different topics. Also, you can go back and refresh your mind with the downloaded material.

Lesa Schoeman
- Pharmacist

I would like to thank and compliment you on your CPD programme, Positive Impact. It does indeed have a “positive impact”, not only on us as pharmacists but also on the pharmacist assistants. Thank you for the interesting topics you provide on a monthly basis. The fact is that it is indeed “short and sweet”, yet very informative. That helps tremendously with our workload and busy lifestyles. Please continue to enrich us. Thank you for always being available when we have questions and need assistance. Your personal touch makes this REAL… many other CPD programmes do not have the human factor available.

Khanyiso Dubula
- Pharmacist

I would like to thank you and my employer for the opportunity you provided me with in terms of ensuring that I continue developing my clinical expertise and knowledge on aspects that we encounter daily on our workings as Pharmacist. All topics that are shared on your website are an eye opener to most of us and they are clearly presented.

Mico Passetti
- Responsible Pharmacist

I would like to praise Positive Impact with their computer based learning CPD program and so grateful that Clicks introduced us to this program. It makes meeting the SAPC requirement to do CPD’s very easy, especially in the roll of RP and  Tutor as is the case for me . The CPD topics are interesting and relevant to my daily roll as a pharmacist. Keep up the great work and may you go from strength to strength.

Annamarie Alant
- Responsible Pharmacist

I have been doing these CPD’s monthly, enrolling as part of the Clicks group. I have found the information absolutely correct  and informative. Every module is as exciting as at University. I have been good at trying to score as high as possible, and it is something I look forward to monthly. It has helped me a lot to cope in my everyday job as a pharmacist , where I have to give informative ,scientifically  correct knowledge to my patients, and  encourage and support my colleges. The slides are also a very good idea for summary and to recall at times of need. It is also to the point and not too long. Thanks again for putting such a useful tool together.

Madelein Middleton
- Responsible Pharmacist
I have participated in the Clicks CPD programme, provided by Positive Impact, for a number of months. The topics are relevant, well-researched and current. The quiz assists in consolidating the knowledge acquired and gives immediate feedback. A certificate is issued upon successfully completing the topic. I have found it to be extremely valuable in terms of keeping abreast with new information. The monthly deadlines are instrumental in setting goals in a busy life, leaving one with a sense of accomplishment once completed. John Ireland is always willing to provide assistance where required. I highly recommend the Positive Impact CPD programme.
Francien vd der Westhuizen
- Responsible Pharmacist
I started at Clicks in July 2016, started my CPD journey in Jan 2017 at Clicks with you guys.
Thank you for all the review and training I could do and will still continue to do in the comfort of my own home and on my own time. The courses are very applicable to our every day work.
The courses are also informative and is good for me to review a lot of topics during the year, so what I like about your training is that I can do 2 topics per month, giving you the basic information and is not too long and clumsy.
Philip Campher
- Responsible Pharmacist

Being a pharmacist in an outlying area, I am not able to attend many of the CPD sessions in the major towns and cities even though I receive invitations. Positive Impact has provided me with a resources to stay up to date professionally. The course material is of a very high standard and I appreciate having a choice of subject matter to ensure that the topic for that month is within my scope of interest. I look forward to the next topic, as do my staff, seeing as my CPD’s also provide me with material for our weekly trainings.

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