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Case Study – Zentiva

Historically, Zentiva had been focused on a “sales-in” process. In 1994 after consultation with their clients, Zentiva decided to focus on a “sales-out” initiative by sponsoring CPD for pharmacist’s assistants on a wide range of clinical and non-clinical courses. So why pharmacist’s assistants?

Pharmacist Assistants play a key role when selecting or substituting a drug. Currently, SA has a ratio of pharmacist’s assistant to pharmacist of 4:1, hence a great opportunity to focus on in-field call objectives.

By promoting quality CPD, Zentiva can differentiate one pharmacy’s reputation over another and increase customer goodwill not only for the pharmacy in question but for Zentiva in the long run. This includes increasing turnover and profitability. improving and promoting teamwork, ensuring an advanced understanding of therapeutic disease areas and having personal insights into the operational requirements of the pharmacies.

To enable minimal disruption and time out of the pharmacy, Positive Impact have designed all their courses to be fully compatible with the latest technology for internet e-learning management systems. This means that their courses can be viewed and tracked using anything from a smartphone to a normal PC or tablet device.

By making courses available “online”, Zentiva managed to secure 100% of all the pharmacist’s assistants who originally registered on the Positive Impact CPD program. Furthermore, by having our internal sales reps complete the courses as well, Zentiva has created a platform to build relationships with pharmacies resulting in a common interest with synergies being formed.

From an internal perspective, the project forms part of the daily duties of Zentiva representatives. It is thus simple to duplicate and tailor-make the process in any region where representatives are currently calling on pharmacies.

Zentiva’s success has won us an International Innovation award and as a result of our success, have decided to treble the number of pharmacist’s assistants participating in the 2015 program.

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