Positive Impact is a consortium of experienced pharmaceutical consultants with a background in health systems strengthening. The consortium provides results based CPD training and technical assistance for both the public and private health care sector. Positive Impact is run by John Ireland, a pharmacist with over 20 years local and international experience in public health.

Throughout his career John has been inspired by his endless determination to improve and perfect pharmacy practice and the quality of care provided by the pharmacy profession. Positive Impact is a direct result of this life-time dream and has been operating successfully since its inception in 2012.

Positive impact has over 2000 subscribers ranging from individuals to large corporates such as Clicks, Discovery, Anglo American & Mediscor. Bespoke course material has also been written for pharmaceutical companies such as MSD, Baxter and Adcocks.

John has wide-ranging technical expertise in medicine management, clinical pharmacy, pharmacovigilance, rational medicine use, leadership development, policy development, review of standard treatment guidelines, human resource development, technical capacity building, training program accreditation and skills transfer.

After a successful career in retail, he moved into the medical aid industry where he established one of the first chronic disease management programs in South Africa. The lack of support for HIV care at the time spurred his interest in HIV/AIDS disease management and in 2004 he participated in the development of the 2004 SA HIV/AIDS National Guidelines and drove the successful rollout of antiretroviral treatment at more than 60 facilities countrywide.

In 2006, John was appointed Senior Program Associate for MSH, and held the dual roles of national HIV/AIDS technical lead and provincial coordinator for the Western Cape province. During his 5 year tenure he trained in excess of a 2000 doctors, nurses and pharmacists nationally in the fields of HIV/AIDS management, rational medicine use of medicine and treatment adherence.

Fully functional Provincial Pharmaceutics and Therapeutics Committees (PTCs) were established in the Western Cape province under his technical leadership. During this time he introduced the concept of medicine use evaluations (MUE) to the PTCs which has lead to improved rational use of medicine, avoidance of adverse reactions and reduced antimicrobial resistance.

John’s capacity building interventions have impacted positively at all levels of management.

He has been particularly successful in facilitating government absorption of NGO staff; capacity building, integration of services within facilities and districts, staffing norms and the clarification of staff roles and responsibilities within the government sector.

John’s capacity building interventions have impacted positively at all levels of management.CONTACT US